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About Guaranteed Roofing Solutions


With over 5 decades experience in the roofing industry across the UK, you can rest assured the service you're receiving is absolutely top notch. Please take a look below for a summary of the services we can provide. If you need something which we haven’t mentioned, then do get in touch anywayand we will do our very best to help. No job is too big or small!

What we do:

Guaranteed Roofing Solutions can help solve all your flat roofing problems professionally and reliably. It’s what we do!

We only use the best products available in Single Ply Roofing, combined with unmatched technical knowledge from our suppliers. With many years’ experience in the field of flat roof installation there’s nothing we can’t assist you with.

How can we help?

We are pleased to offer a huge range of flat roofing solutions no matter what your requirements. From small garage roofing to a super store refurbishment project or extension, we have all the products available as well as the knowledge and expertise to bring you back in the dry!

Our surveyors will take care of all aspects of your roof construction from design to scaffolding to the installation of your roof. All works are quality checked and all new installations come with a free leak test to insure there’s no issues once we've left the site. We provide all skips and make sure all materials are recycled and we leave your property so you know your property will be as tidy as when we arrived.

We also offer complete leak teasing on all flat roofing surfaces, using either electronic or wet testing machines. So don’t delay, let us find and fix your leak quickly and easily now!

That's great! What else?

Not only do we offer a complete roofing package we can also take care of your facias, soffits and guttering issues too. It doesn’t matter if they’re made from UPCV, aluminium, zinc or lead, whether you need a new set or just need a really good clean, let us take the strain!

We'll take care of everything so all you need to do is sit back, relax and watch our teams work away.

Contact us today to discover how we can give your home a whole new lease of life!

After care

All our installations come with two guarantees:

  1. The first is a product guarantee that comes from our supplier who will come out during various stages of the installation and make sure we are carrying out the works to their standard. You’ll then be offered a 10, 12, 15, 20 or 25 year guarantee depending on the type of product you choose.

  2. The second Guarantee comes directly from us!
    This guarantee is insurance backed so even if we can no longer provide the original service you know that another company will be at hand to help and it won’t cost you a penny!
    This guarantee is for workmanship and will last as long as your product guarantee, so if you ever have any problems all you will need to do is contact us and we will be there ASAP to find out what the problem is - free of charge.

Other roofing services:

Small works and Garage Roofing overlays

Easily our most common enquiry these days is Garage Roofing or small Flat Roof works. These jobs are classed by us as small works because the duration of works is usually under one day and at a cost of no more than £3k.

Pitched / slate and tiled roofing

Using our expert Knowledge in this field we can carry out brand new installations, refurbishments and rpairs to all buildings new and old! With fantastic suppliers and a wealth of experience we can get you in the dry again!

Flat roofing

Using the most up to date and quite frankly the best single-ply membranes we can now over come all flat roofing issues! Wether it's a re-roof, new build or just a repair we guarantee to get you in the dry again! We also offer information and advice of how to get the best U-Values out of your roof space! Using the best insulation on the market we can bring your roof firmly into the 21st century and help cut those heating bills down!

Gutters / facias / soffits

Tired of those over flowing gutters? Green mouldy facias? Soffits looking a bit sorry themselves? Why not let us inspect them for free and see if we can tidy them up! Using our specialist cleaning equipment we can clean out those old gutters and give the boarders of your house a fresh look! Alternatively we can replace and repair your facias / gutters and soffits using long lasting UPCV there will be no need to worry about having to paint or clean them again!

Leak detection services

Our new leak detection services uses the most up to date software to identify and leaks to your flat roof! Sending an electric current through a wire brush we can pick up on any moisture that has penetrated your roof! This works on most flat roofing surfaces and can find the holes the eye can't! Why replace when you can repair?

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