Single Ply Roofing Products

SikaTrocal Type S

Trocal type “S” is our most commonly used product. It’s perfect for all open and exposed roofs and it can be applied in a huge number of projects, from a small garage roof to a massive super store.

It’s a mechanically fixed system that requires a solid deck of either ply wood / metal deck or concrete, and it can be laid over foil back or hard rockwell insulation.

SikaTrocal Type S comes in two colours of light or slate grey. We can also attach decorative profiles or “standing seams” to the roof to give it a lead / zinc effect.

SikaTrocal Type SGK

Type SGK is simply SikaTrocal S but it’s an adhered system, using glues instead of fixings. It's perfect for exposed decks that show in the building as you will see no fixings penetrating it.

SikaTrocal type SGK comes in the two colours of light / slate grey and can also have the decorative profiles attached to give it a lead / zinc type effect.

SikaTrocal Type SGMA

This product is solely to be used for balconies or sedum roofs (roofs to be covered in slabs, green roofs, sedum, etc). It comes yellow in colour and this gives it its long lasting lifespan as it’s never going to be exposed to natural sunlight.

Once laid, a protection layer sheet is put over the top to protect the membrane from penetration. It requires no fixings or glue so is extremely fast to install.

Note: This product cannot be used if it will be exposed to natural sunlight as it will degrade the product in a matter of months. It is solely designed to be covered.

Before a SGMA roof is covered, it will be electronically leak tested to ensure it’s completely water proof before being covered.

SikaTrocal Type SG

Trocal SG is simple the “S” product but comes in a thicker material. This is only to be used when a 25 year guarantee is to be issued.