You know the story. You have a beautiful house, a lovely garden, and a great neighbourhood, but there is one problem: the roof. What should have been a great-looking roof is leaking, slates are smashing onto the ground in strong winds, and if you stand at a certain angle in the bathroom you can actually see the sky.

“But how do I solve this horrible problem?”, you cry. Well, there is one simple solution to your slate-based sadness: look after your roof! Guaranteed Roofing Solutions have a few of our top tips to help you maintain your roof.

Keep your roof tidy

An untidy roof full of debris such as moss and leaves runs the risk of containing water and causing severe deterioration of the integrity of your roof. As Build Direct says in their article ‘How To Take Care of Your Roof’ , “Roofing is a vital defense against the elements,” which must be kept safe and maintained. A clean roof is a safe roof, and is essential to the upkeep of your home’s protection. A clean roof will also boost kerb appeal, and make your home appear more presentable and cared-for.

Keep Tree Branches Clear

Keeping tree branches clear from the top of your house is essential for the maintenance of your roof. In strong winds, tree branches will do some damage to a roof, so pruning the branches can ensure any damage is minimised.

Furthermore, if you take the tree branches away from the roof, it keeps wildlife such as squirrels and birds away. This can save your roof from the threat of invasion, and also the possibility of branches cracking or damaging the slate/tile.

Look After Your Gutters

Perhaps one of the most important parts of your roof is the gutter. They are vital to keeping your roof from deteriorating, and keeping your property from sustaining water damage and flooding. Gutters also allow grass in your garden to remain healthy, and concrete underneath them to remain strong and be less likely to crack. For these reasons, your gutters should be cared for, checked for holes and cracks, and replaced when any issues are found.

Whether it is your gutters, tree branches, or even just basic tidying, your roof needs to be cared for regularly and well. Remember, your roof protects you, but it is up to you to protect your roof. Keep that debris off, cut trees back, and keep the gutters clear. Regular checks and some TLC is all your roof needs to continue looking after you and your family.

If you have a problem with your roof that is a little more severe than a difficult tree or leaking gutter, then please get in contact with the professionals. Visit us at Guaranteed Roofing Solutions for all of your roofing needs.

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