Roofing is an art.

It has been a part of the construction trade since people first started building houses. As a result, you can find hundreds of capable roofing contractors both locally and online, ready to help you with your construction, maintenance, or repair project. However, not all roofing companies are created equal.

As specialists in the design, supply, and installation of single ply and flat roofing systems, we pride ourselves in offering a bespoke, specialist service for both commercial and domestic needs.

From garage and shed roofing to guttering, decking, balconies, major commercial properties and more, if you’re looking for flat roofing then Guaranteed Roofing Solutions are the only roofing team you’ll ever need.

A Personal Touch

As an independent company with an independent spirit, you won’t be frustrated by a call centre when you talk to us, you’ll be talking directly with business owners. Larger roofing companies might be able to offer a different kind of service, but their customer service often leaves something to be desired.

Our team is all about providing quality, exceptional conduct and integrity, and (most importantly when working at height) impeccable health and safety credentials.

The Experience

We boast over 5 decades of experience in the UK roofing industry. We’ve evolved with the times whilst staying true to our business morals and impeccable standards.

We’ve built lasting relationships with our roofing suppliers and have developed techniques and practices that enable us to provide the fastest, most reliable and most cost-effective service around.

The Specialisation

Whilst other roofing companies might dabble in single ply and flat roofing, it’s our bread and butter. Whether you’re planning a major commercial installation or a small domestic project (like a home extension or garage conversion), if you’re looking for flat roofing then you’re in the right place.

The Light

We also work with Sika roof lights, which can elegantly transform your flat-roofed space. By allowing natural light to flood in, they turn gloomy areas into delightful living spaces. We provide bespoke, energy-efficient roof light solutions in a variety of styles and designs that can also add ventilation to your space.

The Service

We strive to provide the very best customer service at Guaranteed Roofing Solutions and believe that only the best is good enough for our customers. Every facet of our business - from marketing and finance right down to our expert roofers - all work to the same high standards. We pride ourselves in treating your property with care and respect, and aim to cause minimal disruption to your daily life.

The Price

We’re flexible when it comes to pricing and will be happy to work within your budget to find the best package and the best price for your needs. We also offer free quotations and are willing to match any local quotes. Get in touch today to discuss your budget.

The Workmanship

Your roof is perhaps the most important of your property. It’s vital that all repairs and new roofing installations are carried out with the utmost professionalism. Our skilled roofing craftsmen are all fully-insured and schooled in the latest practices.

The Complete Package

Our experienced team take care of every aspect of your flat roof construction, maintenance or repair from start to finish. We start with the design of your roof and also take care of all risk and cost assessments, as well as scaffolding, site security, waste/asbestos removal and more. We handle guarantees too and will be on hand to sign off on your roof and make sure the site is clear before we leave.

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