Maintaining the safety and wellbeing of our homes is of paramount importance. As homeowners (or landlords) we always tend to pick up a few DIY skills by sheer necessity and once you've put up a few shelves and painted a few sheds, it can be tempting to shun the professionals and assume you can do everything yourself. However, whilst some amongst us might like to assume otherwise, we can't do everything ourselves, at least not to an acceptable degree.

The idea of having a 'roof over our heads' is synonymous with having a place to call home, so when there's a serious roof problem, most homeowners descend into a forgivable panic. In such a heightened state of emotion, you might be forgiven for thinking 'roofs are expensive, but I know what I'm doing, maybe I should cut out the middleman and save a small fortune by doing it myself?'

You might be quite comfortable putting together a flat-packed chest of drawers, but replacing a roof is a much more complicated and elaborate job.

The DIY Approach

The Pros

The total project costs should be less, as you're not paying for labour costs. As long as you already have the requisite skills and tools available, as well as the right knowledge, it could be the most cost-effective option.

As you're in charge, you won't have to organise your life around somebody else. Hiring a roof contractor means you have to work to their schedule, but doing it yourself means you alone are in charge of when this incredibly disruptive event occurs.

There are plenty of DIY tutorials on YouTube, but these are often unrealistically simplified.

The Cons

Not only do you have to actually do all the work yourself (and it's not an easy job, even with qualified help), but it's a job that takes a significant amount of time and effort, not to mention commitment. Your day job will also take a hit unless you decide to only work on weekends, and that could potentially draw the job out for weeks.

You don't have the same expertise and training as a professional roofer, which means the job will be dangerous, whichever way you spin it. You might save some money replacing a roof yourself, but is it really worth it if you end up with a broken neck?

The perpetual uncertainty that you haven't done it 'quite right' will linger long after you've placed the last tile.

You are unlikely to have all the requisite tools, and even if you do, they probably won't be of the same quality standards as the tools used by the pros.

A Professional Job

The Pros

Professional roofers do this for a living and will have replaced dozens, if not hundreds of roofs in their careers. As such, even a relatively wet-behind-the-ears roofing contractor will probably end up with a better result than your DIY job.

The training that professionals have been through means it is that much safer to put your roof in their hands. They will know how to avoid the common pitfalls that often lead to accidents and when you're working at height, accidents can be nasty.

A professional job will come not only with added assurance but with a warranty, often of up to 20 or 30 years. So, if anything goes wrong in the near future, your professionals should be able to check the problem without incurring any extra costs.

When you contract a professional roofing company, they will conduct a thorough inspection of your property, unearthing any underlying problems that you might miss with an untrained eye.

The Cons

Rogue traders are unfortunately still quite common in certain areas, though as long as you spend a decent amount of time looking for the right contractor, using all of the online and offline tools at your disposal, you should be safe.

If your roof is in a complete state of disrepair and you are urgently in need of a fix or a replacement, roofers are often in very high demand, which means you might struggle to get one in with short notice.

Handling roof repairs yourself when a loose tile needs replacing or a crack needs sealing might be fine, but we'd always recommend hiring a professional roofing contractor to replace your roof. It is, after all, your home, and your home deserves nothing but the best.

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