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A DIY guide to removing mould from your roof

Mould is a subtle menace that can creep up on our homes behind our backs if we're not paying close enough attention. It's particularly problematic on our roofing, as this slimy black and green substance is not only an eyesore but can lead to serious health risks.

How to clean and maintain your gutters

There is nothing glamorous or sexy about maintaining your gutters. It's a dirty job and you'll probably end up getting drenched in mucky water and wet leaves if you're not taking your time with it.

Flat vs pitched roof - The pros and the cons

Without a roof, a house is simply not home. Before you start picking out the wallpaper and planning your first big housewarming party, the roof should always be your first concern.

The pros and cons of residential solar panels

Solar energy is very 'in' at the moment, particularly in the UK, where solar panel adoption has reached over 1 million homes. It's easy to see why. Solar energy is easy to set up, relatively low cost and very low maintenance.

What to look for in a roof on your new home

When we're shopping for a new home or property to add to our portfolio, there are numerous factors to take into consideration. Sometimes it can be difficult to spot the problem areas.

DIY roof replacement vs professional roof replacement

Maintaining the safety and wellbeing of our homes is of paramount importance. As homeowners (or landlords) we always tend to pick up a few DIY skills by sheer necessity and once you've put up a few shelves and painted a few sheds, it can be tempting to shun the professionals and assume you can do everything yourself. However, whilst some amongst us might like to assume otherwise, we can't do everything ourselves, at least not to an acceptable degree.

An in-depth glossary of roofing terminology

If you're in the market for a new roof and you've been researching online, you may have stumbled across some confusing terminology from time to time. And with roofing, it can be hard to find out what these new words mean.

How domestic roofing solutions have evolved over the years

The roof is arguably the most important structure in any building. Its basic role has not changed substantially over thousands of years - it shelters a building's interior and its occupants from the elements and rounds out a building's aesthetic.

5 Signs that show it's time to change your roof

Although replacing a tyre on your car or swapping out an old carpet might be considered a small endeavour, replacing the roof on our homes is a major and expensive job. Not only that, but many of us are simply unaware of the signs to look for when deciding whether or not it's time for a roof replacement.

Top of the class for Sika System school roof!

The School Report is in, and Sika Systems has been moved to the top of the class! A great project has come to an end with glowing praise all round. The Stockwood Park Academy in Luton has had the new roof for their two-storey building fully completed, to an A* Standard.

A clean slate - top tips for looking after your roof

You know the story. You have a beautiful house, a lovely garden, and a great neighbourhood, but there is one problem, the roof. What should have been a great-looking roof is leaking, slates are smashing onto the ground in strong winds, and if you stand at a certain angle in the bathroom you can actually see the sky.

Why choose Guaranteed Roofing Solutions?

Roofing is an art. It has been a part of the construction trade since people first started building houses. As a result, you can find hundreds of capable roofing contractors both locally and online, ready to help you with your construction, maintenance, or repair project. However, not all roofing companies are created equal.

Rothwell Roofing

18th Mar 2019
Rothwell Roofing

Another of our projects here at Guaranteed Roofing Solutions was the rear extension to a site in Rothwell, Kettering.

House and garage roof installation in Nottingham

Here at Guaranteed Roofing Solutions, we deal with all kinds of roofing jobs. This project took five days to complete, making it one of our larger jobs.

A not-so-Lidl undertaking

Here at Guaranteed Roofing Solutions, we have several new projects in the pipeline. This includes work in supplying the quality roofing for a new Lidl shopping centre in Milton Keynes. With 50 square metres of 2mm single ply Sika Trocal, this job will take up to a day to complete.