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What is Single Ply Roofing?

Single ply roofing has become an increasingly popular flat roof covering over the last few years. Essentially, a single ply membrane roof is comprised of flexible sheets of synthetic polymer that can be divided into two main groups, thermoplastics and synthetic rubber. Due to the fact that thermoplastics can be re-heated and re-molded, they have become the number one option for many industrial, commercial and domestic roofing contractors undertaking flat roof installations.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is recognised as a thermoplastic membrane and has been used as a single ply membrane roofing material across Europe since the sixties. From the largest of factory rooftops to much smaller garage roofs and bay windows, it can be easily used in a variety of situations and environments.

The Benefits of Single Ply Roofing

Regardless of the type of roofing material that you’re considering to use, there are many universal benefits in choosing a Single Ply membrane roof. These include:

  • Resistant to UV & Natural Elements
    A fundamental requirement for any roofing material is the assurance that it’s resistant to damaging ultraviolet light. Not only are most single ply membrane materials 100% UV resistant, but they’re also not affected by the build up of potentially harmful micro-organisms.

  • Durable
    When applied with a hot air weld, the single ply roof membrane also provides your building with some much needed protection against changing weather conditions and even the most extreme temperatures.

  • Fire Retardant
    Due to their composition, single ply membrane roofs are also fire resistant and even self-extinguishing. For any business, organisation or workplace that is concerned about the fire safety of their employees, visitors or customers then single ply roofing is certain to provide you with both confidence and security.

  • Resistant to Chemicals
    For areas that are likely to be exposed to potential harmful chemicals, it’s certainly reassuring to know your roofing material is protecting yourself and your building against acid rain and other forms of acidic outflow.

  • Eco-Friendly
    In comparison to the more traditional industrial roofing materials, single ply membranes are considerably more environmentally friendly in their production, longevity and ability to be recycled. Thermoplastic Polyethylene (TPE) is claimed to be the most eco-friendly variation that’s currently available.

What Single Ply Membrane To Use

Here at GRS we have had a lot of experience with different types of Sinlge Ply membranes over the years. At this moment in time there are over 30 different Single Ply membranes on the market in this country, so how do you know which ones to use?

To make life easier here at GRS we only now supply and install one! Over the years this Single ply product has proven itself over and over again. What stands this product out amongst the rest is simplicity.


The Single Ply is called SIKA~TROCAL and you will find out more about this product on our products page.

SIKA~TROCAL is a P.V.C Membrane.

SIKA~TROCAL comes with a variety of guarantees and accessories including roof lights, Roof hatches, Vents, pipes ect.

It also comes in a variety of colours to help match in your building’s borders such as Fascia’s, Soffits and Guttering.

SIKA~TROCAL is simply perfect for all kinds of roofs whether it be a refurbishment, new build extension, garage roof, garden roof, balconies, Commercial Building, Industrial Building and Domestic Building and anything else you can think of.

It can even be used on pitched roofing or vertical slopes. Why not give our team a call to discuss your project and see how and why Single Ply Sika~Trocal.


Flat roof Installations and repairs

Single-ply, built up felt and liquid plastics.

Slate and tile / pitched roofing

Repairs, maintenance and installation.

Gutter, facia and soffits

Repairs and installations including clearing and cleaning.

Electronic leak detection

Wet / flood testing on all flat roof surfaces.

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